Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Factions in the T community

There are 2 dominant groups in the T community with a few smaller groups.

The two largest groups are those who support the Transgender umbrella and those Transsexual women who oppose the entire concept. (Separatists)

The other groups have varying degrees of opinion on the topic and are not the focus of this essay.

Tran’s separatists feel that the gender non-conforming crowd is somehow ruining TS ability to get laws that protect them and access to surgeries. The entire idea that someone might confuse these women with a man in a dress is unbearable. I understand that reaction. The idea that someone would consider me a man raises my hackles. I have gone through allot of effort to be recognized as the woman I am.

However, I know that no matter what I do there will be bigots and haters that will consider me a man. Not even SRS counts to those bigots who believe that what we are born with defines us. No amount of surgery and hormones make a bit of a difference to these folks the second your birth sex is revealed.

The idea that someone might consider me a cross dresser or a fetishist is rather off putting and I will be as brave as to say, it down right pisses me off.

But…Is it the fault of a cross dresser or a drag queen or some other gender variant individual that bigots will consider me (or you) a man, (even if I was passing up until the moment I was outted or clocked)? No. The actions of another person do not reflect on me. It is the bigots failing. It is not the failing of some theoretical gender bender.

If gods forbid someday I, or one of you, should be bashed by a bigot for being ‘a man in a dress’ the bigot is not going to ask for a carry letter to confirm a transsexual diagnosis. That piece of paper in my (or your) purse will do not one blessed thing to save me (or you) from a bigot. A bigot does not differentiate between a TS and a CD. To a bigot we are all the same. In fact to a bigot being TS is probably even worse, as we ‘cut it off’ (rolls eyes), which hits these men in an irrational castration fear. A proper diagnosis and carry letter will never protect you from a bigot. That letter confirming your diagnosis is only good to save you from the discrimination of those good people who know they should know better.

The TG umbrella was forged by bigots when you think of it. It was the reaction of the victims to the bigots that forged the TG umbrella. If you have an issue with the umbrella and want it dismantled, you play into the hands of our enemies. United we stand divided we fall. Instead, join in and help dismantle the foundations of bigotry.

hugz and luv,
Cynthia Lee

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Will return soon...

Sorry I haven't been making posts lately.

I will return to blogging soon.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Defining Romney...

 Romney: To defecate in terror.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Date with a straight.

Tonight OutSpokane is putting on its 3rd annual Date with a Straight. The idea is to auction off 12 volunteers for a valentines ball being held on Saturday the 11th. The proceeds will go to OutSpokane's efforts to put on the Pride parade and continue their mission of education.

Sevan will be one of those auctioned off for charity. I hope to win the date with Sevan but if I do not it is OK. It is for a good cause!

So if you are in the Spokane area stop by Irv's tonight, have a few drinks and pitch a few bucks to the Pride cause!!!

hugz and luv,
Cynthia Lee

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sexual Shaming is Nonsense!

So one of the things I had recently thrown in my face, by a transsexual none the less, was that Sevan and I transitioned to put some spice in our sex life, that there must have been boredom in the bedroom.

I wouldn't expect to see the 'transsexuals do it for a sexual thrill' meme coming from a transsexual. But this is the opinion of many people who are not transsexual. Apparently an opinion held by at least one transsexual woman, which leads me to question her motives for transitioning. But I am not her therapist...

I would be a liar to say that there is not a sexual component to my transition, that just goes with the territory of the human experience.
That transsexuals should have sexual desires and needs should come of no surprise to anyone.
What we should be chaste and pure as fresh snow?
Well pardon me for living!

The conversation that lead to the smear is not important, what is important is that society constantly engages in sexual shaming to silence and other. Which is silly when you think about it. Using another persons sexuality as some form of leverage in a conversation is like pointing out that an opponent breathes air and claiming they are wrong for doing so.

My transition is no different than any other person's transition. It is about bringing my body and mind into congruence and being seen by society as the woman I am. Anything else is just gravy.

/end rant