Monday, August 9, 2010

A bit of funny in an otherwise sucky day

Today while I was at work Cyndi texted me to say that she thought she might be having a heart attack (don't worry...that's not the funny part). Now...she had a heart attack and actually CODED before my very eyes only just a few weeks ago so this is no laughing matter. None at all.

I was stuck at work until I found out where the ambulance would be taking her. (we live between two small towns and both towns have their own hospital. I work in the more northern of the two towns) The ambulance came to our house and she was to be taken to the souther town. They called me and I was off.

I rushed the 25mins to get to the southern town's hospital. I got there just moments before Cyndi did in the ambulance. I walked in and was greeted by a very kind female nurse. She introduced herself and then as she was pointing me in the direction of the check in counter. As she did she apparently got a whiff of me and just....took a step back! She breathed in again and said with a flourish "Oh my!! You smell GOOD! Yummy!!" and she bounded off cheerfully.

Now...that's the funny part....but why. Well...if you saw me today you'd see...a girl. Nothing more, nothing less. Today I'm in a white poofy blouse and a long simple purple skirt. Yes, my hair is short and my voice is deep but...out here in the country...I appear all woman! So...again...why is this funny?

It's funny because I don't apply anything to my body....except...testosterone!!! That's it. I didn't even use body wash today. I used water and a loofa scrubby. I didn't wash my hair today because it didn't need it, didn't apply any lotion, no perfumes and...I'll admit..I think I even forgot my deoderant. The only thing I applied to my body today was my testosterone gel. hehehehehe. I find this quite humorous because this isn't the first time that's happened. Women will comment on how I smell at least once every couple of weeks. Often they want to press me as to what they're smelling because they never can put their finger on it..

"Is it your shampoo maybe? I bet it's your shampoo!! Wait...what laundry detergent do you use? I bet that's it. Must be. Yep. That's it."

Endlessly funny to me. Women know the smell of men...but on my body and apparence it throws them. They don't realize they're smelling...*man*. Thankfully today the nurse just complimented me on my smell and was off to care for my ill's always uncomfortable when they get stuck on it and try to figure out JUST what it MUST be...

So in a rough day that's otherwise sucked....that was my highlight.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sorry for not writing more often.- Cynthia

I know it has been a long time since I wrote here. Mostly nothing had changed until the last 2 weeks.
Recently I had a pair of heart attacks and as a result my doctor has substantialy reduced my E.
I feel like I am at a stand still in my transition although this is not true in reality. I am still on spiro and I am still on estrogen just not a high enough dose to maintain my sanity. I am emotionaly a wreck.
As a result of lowered E I am becoming depressed.
I have been trying to talk my doc into an orchidectomy. That would solve some of my medication issues and assit in my transition big time.

Have a good day folks.
Cynthia Lee