Monday, January 7, 2013

Trans* Support Groups

Sevan and I are members of a trans* support group.
Over the last few years Spokane Trans* People has gone from a small group of trans guys and me 3 years ago, too a larger group that served a total of 90 unique individuals. Our typical group meeting is about 12-20 people. 18 is the usual turn out.

When you serve this many people it is impossible to meet the needs of all of them. Yet some folks seem to forget that fact.

For Sevan and I Spokane Trans* People has been a labor of love. We have put in many hours to get it going. Neither of us has any professional experience forging peer focused support groups. We had to wing it the entire time. We sought out the wisdom of those who have gone before us and tried to do our best along the way.

The group has been rewarding for the most part and I have made some good friends. But I have also have gained the enmity of a few folks along the way.
Mainly it seems to be fueled by the group not meeting the needs of these individuals and as a somewhat leader of the group this is seen as our fault.
Going forward I have to remember that it is impossible for me to meet the needs of everyone. I simply can not do it.
I will continue being part of the group and continue to do things as I have, knowing I am affecting good change in many folks life, while understanding that I can not help everyone who comes to the group.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

transition continues

So I seem to have entered a new phase of transition.

I was thinking back to my school days, specifically shop class. As I was remembering those days my first thought was "I was the only girl in many of those classes". When I think back I see a girl in boys space.
The guys always teased me and made my life misserable in those classes. Like they were trying to chase off an interloper. At the time I did not understand why but it becomes clearer to me now. They saw my effeminate manerisms that I was oblivious too.

It is odd but more and more of my memories seem to have been slightly rewritten.

hugz and luv,
Cynthia Lee