Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spkane Trans* People

The group has started to draft by-laws for the committee that was just voted in.
We are moving forward and becoming a proper group.

We are hitching our wagon to OutSpokane as a satellite organisation.

Just a small update.


Friday, February 15, 2013

We Need a 4th Party

Let's cut to the quick.


Democrat Party is corrupt.


Republican Party is corrupt.


Tea Party is way too far to the right for most folks comfort. And it is becoming just like the big parties in the corruption department.



A 4th party is needed. A party that embraces those fiscal policies that brings in the average conservative voter. A party that does not stand on social policies that drive the average liberal away from the conservative fiscal candidates would be a powerful force to contend with.


We need a party that combines the best from both sides of the political spectrum. The majority of us have political views that are centrist. Most of us are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. We understand the need to balance the books. We understand that the state has no business saying who can be legally recognized as a family.

Fiscal conservative and socially liberal is the way I would consider my politics fall out; it seems to me, that is the way many other folks are.


This nation needs a 4th party. One that will get the books balanced and keep the state out of our bedrooms.


I propose that those with the money and social skills to make it happen create the Home Party.


The Home Party should embrace the values of the home and seeks to bring them to the political arena.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ru Paul my 2 centavos

This post was made in response to Monica Roberts' recent post on the show:

Ru Pauls Drag Race

I watch the show. (I know I am a bad trans woman...) There have indeed been a few times that Ru has screwed up and said the wrong thing. He has also been quick to make it clear on more than one occasion that trans and drag are not the same thing.

Also, he has cracked a few jokes at our expense that I thought were rather clever and funny. But the trans community has very thin skin and got upset at somethings I thought we shouldn't have got upset about.

Part of being human is we get a joke or two told at our expense. As long as it isn't vicious or extremely transphobic I think we should accept the jokes. It helps to mainstream us.

Back to the show:

There are 3 women (that I am aware of) who have been contestants on the show. Occasionally there is a trans woman who is on the cast. The first 2 trans women didn't come out until after their season, but Monica Beverly Hillz did come out mid season. Personally I am very happy Ru and the producers did not kick her off the show. But I am also thinking that as a woman she has an undue advantage. Yes she has a male body and must portray the 'drag queen illusion' like the other contestants, but Monica is a woman. She has that special spark that is woman. In a contest for men who are trying to portray a 'female illusion', how is it fair that a woman compete?

No easy answers to any of it.


Do I think Ru is wonderful? No. But I also do not think he is a villain, nor do I think he is actively working against our needs.

He is a man that makes his money from the drag world. He does not have to be an advocate for our needs. We got that covered.

His show is funny, and occasionally insightful and educational. And he looks fierce in a dress.



Friday, February 8, 2013

A new post!?!?! Wow!!!

Greeting and salutations dear reader,

It has been awhile since I sat down and wrote a proper post. Mainly because I have had writers block and have been bored with it, but also, it seems every time I get a proper idea I am not near a keyboard.


So what to write about?

It seems just about everything that a girl needs to know about how to transition has been said by someone some where. It is just a matter of looking around to find it.


So that leaves general politics and society I guess.


Let’s just pick a subject:



Radfems have been busting the chops of trans* folks for way to long. The transgender/transsexual persons life is a living testament to the fact that their position on gender is wrong.

Now I will give you that the lions share of gender is just window dressing BS. But that does leave a small percentage that is real. There is something innately unique about each of the genders.

Both genders have a certain something that is unique to the gender. No one can really put a finger on it. (So it is BS screams the Radfem, we can’t measure or look at it. Therefore it is false!!!) Well I can’t measure or see a lot of stuff we take for granted as real.

But let me dismiss my beliefs and for a short few moments accept the Radfem position as true and on point. Trans* people are crazy and they have bought completely into the patriarchies hands.

Ok, if that is the ultimate truth of the matter then I must conclude; I and a number of my peers are bat shit crazy.


So…tell me if you would:

When did it become socially acceptable to verbally abuse the mentally ill, for being mentally ill? When I was a kid I was taught we didn’t make fun of people for their personal issues. (just throwing that out there)

 If you believe that we trans* people are truly mentally ill and you feel it your calling to verbally abuse us and call us all manner of horrid things, then you are evil.
Shakes off false premise.

Now I know for a fact I am not mentally ill. I know I have a birth defect that is curable by a simple surgery. A surgery that many people in society would deny me, just on the general principle that it makes them feel icky. 

Even if trans* people are just crazy there is no other cure for the condition that comes close to the success rate that transition accomplishes.

Think about that my Radfem friend. Transition works. So what if the cure makes some cisgender folks feel icky and weird about it? How the hell do you think it makes me feel? I had to transition. Not you. I live with this life. You do not.


So in conclusion: Radfem, leave the trans* people alone. It reflects poorly on you when you oppress another minority.