Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bathroom tactics

I have said this before a number of times but I think I shall say it again.

First I want to direct your attention the Zoe Brains recent blog entry.

If you didn't look it is about how the people who equate trans women to predator men keep recycling the same video of a man going into the women's room right after a little girl does. The old saw that gender variant people are no different than a pedophile keeps coming up time and time again.

I left a response to her post that I shall recycle here....

"The only way I can see defeating the bathroom bills is to show up to the public debates in large groups and use the bathrooms of our births. If a bunch of lawmakers, lobbyists and citizens are subjected to trans women in the men's room and trans men in the women's room they would become very uncomfortable. They have power to make that discomfort go away with laws. (see where this is going?)
If we take up the men's room with girl talk and female primping and communication while these males are there they will be much more likely to pass a law that makes this discomfort go away. The same with the women's room with trans men using the toilets like urinals and smelling up the place with testosterone smells, the female law makers and citizens will be seriously put out by this and will insist that their comfort be addressed.
They want to talk about men in the women's room? Demonstrate too them it doesn't work the way they want it too no matter what they do.
Only by changing tactics can we hope to win the bathroom war."

I do not mean just debates about gender protection laws or closed minded laws of exclusion. I am talking everywhere a congressman goes pee he should have a hoard of trans women using his toilets. Target his aides. Do it in large groups. Stay safe. If they want to portray us as a bathroom menace show them they are not thinking this through. If they wish to make it mandatory for trans women to use the men's room remind them it works both ways. Who really thinks the average man of transsexual history belongs in the ladies toilets? I don't think that a pack of FTM body builders would be truly welcome in a local city hall women's toilet. But by the bigots rules they would legally require it.

Make them think beyond the now. Beyond their narrow prejudice.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

On words and their origens

The word Transgender was coined by Victoria (Charles) Prince. He (yes I use he, he used he) coined the term transgender to differentiate himself from transsexuals. He wanted to live the life as a woman as a man and he did not want to get any surgeries. Transgender women by this definition are men.

This definition has not had staying power.
The word has morphed over time to represent all people who go outside societies current social rules in regards to gender. Included are Transsexuals, transgender, cross dressers, androgyns, gender queer, and some others that don't come to mind right now.
The word is used as a political term that seeks to bring allot of different groups together for political purposes.
Yet many of the transsexual community object strenuously against any association with the term transgender. They hold onto the original meaning of the word transgender as Victoria Prince used it. The idea of being equated to men in dresses is abhorrent to many women of transsexual history and I can understand that very much. I am transsexual myself.


Using the term transgender in a political way is not equating men in dresses with transsexuals. It is meerly an acknowledgement that we share common political goals.

Currently the idea of distancing myself from a cross dresser seems to be counter intuitive. I am not a cross dresser. But I understand that a bigot does not see any difference between me and a cross dresser. A bigot only sees someone who must be punished for transgressing social norms. That makes the cross dresser my natural ally. For the enemy of my enemy should be my friend.

Monday, May 16, 2011

So I am a bad person.

Seems that a certain someone won't let it go. She has taken to lieing about me on her blog. Posting things that sound really off the wall and atributing them to me. I know I say wierd shit and I often put my foot in my mouth but damn...Just wait. You don't need to make things up about me to make me look bad. I will invariably step in a pile of shit soon enough. Just sit back and wait. It'll happen.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Word wars and the casualties that result.

Yesterday we had a girl at one of the forums I frequent almost delete her account and facebook.
What triggered this girl?

Seems she stumbled into a hotbed of vipers. Those who participate in the TS/TG word wars.
As one of these vipers who participate in the word wars I felt rather bad and immediately shot her off a private message expressing my sorrow and extending any apologies if it was something I had said.
Turns out it wasn't anything I did or said. It was others who had triggered her.

She is young and very recently out and at the beginning of her transition. She is just still figuring things out and where she fits into this world. Then she stumbles into arguments over gold star transsexuals and men in dress's.
Yeah not good.

I will admit that the factions I see are very polarized over things that we shouldn't be polarized over.

I said it before and i will say it again.
A basher will not differentiate between a gold star (passing privilege does not protect against being outed) or a cross dresser. He will beat you into a pulp if he can. He does not see a woman or a guy having a lark out and about town. He sees a pervert that needs to be made to pay. To the basher, anyone who transgresses what he sees as societies rules, is fair game. Fair game for whatever form of punishment the basher sees fit. Weather it be public ridicule or outright homicide, all of us who are different are fair game.

I understand that there are women who do not want to be equated to men in dress's. That is understandable. But we are equated to men in dress's in the eyes of those who hate us all.
It will take a long time to change society. Especially with so few numbers as we currently have.
Meanwhile we need to band together with as many people as possible. Those who are othered by society are our natural allies. The entire LGBT/T should be treated with difference and respect by anyone who fits into that group. We need each other. Regardless of the differences and personal issue we may have with each other we need each other to get this society to move forward. No one small sliver of society can get the job done on it's own.

If we can somehow band together and stop the infighting maybe we can avoid the casualties. Luckily this time around it was meerly a flesh wound and our young peer seems no worse for the wear. But what if she had deleted her accounts? Without the support group she has reached out too she very well could have detransitoned as a result. I am pretty sure we all know how dangerous detransition is. Detransition often equals death.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Transgender Borg!?

I have been called a member of the transgender borg. Apparently because I will not agree to the opinions of some others in the TS community.

Did you know there is a TS/TG bitch fest going on? Yep. Seems I have stumbled into a hornets nest of TS who hate the idea of men in the women's room. Well it isn't that simple. They are opposed to men in dresses [Cross Dressing Men] using the Lady's room. But who exactly are these men in dresses going to the potty? From what I can tell it is a small tiny percentage of the populace who are male cross dressers. Literally men who like to dress as women. Typically it is a heterosexual male out and about. Often with a wife or girlfriend. Granted the idea of this man in the ladies restroom is kinda odd.
Now if he is in the restroom what is he doing there? I would wager that in the vast majority of cases that he wants to piss in peace and not worry about one of the men in the men's room beating him or raping him.
The women's room is simply safer.
Now I must ask the reader....If this is such a big issue please point out the news reports of men being a constant menace in the ladies room.

Who is the next group of 'men in dresses' going to the ladies room? Gay males who are performers. Drag Queens. The local gay bar I like to frequent has the lady boys use the women's room. It is a matter of presentation. When they are dressed as males they go to the men's and when they are en femme they use the ladies.
What nefarious deeds are those gay men up to in the ladies room anyways?

Next in our men in dresses subsection of the populace are full time transgender women and non/op transsexuals who would take great offense to being called men. It is only the fact that they have a penis that identifies them as male. Indeed they are women who for whatever personal reasons have decided to not opt for genital surgery. These reasons are solely the choices of these women. It is not for anyone to second guess these women on their personal life or what is in their panties.

Next in our list is the pre-op transsexual woman. A woman may be pre-op for years before she has the resources to get surgery. Should we send her to the men's room? She looks like a woman, she talks like a woman, she conducts herself daily as a woman and she even thinks like a typical woman. Should her penis, which I assure you she is dreadfully ashamed of, keep her out of the ladies room?

It is simply not safe for an individual who looks like a female to go to the men's restroom. Men are much more likely to inflict violence or rape than women. Especially if they are dealing with a male they do not respect or makes them feel repressed homoerotic rage.

I understand that the real issue here is uneducated males and male aggression but we can not just throw vulnerable people to the proverbial lions while society gets its shit together.

I also understand that some women are uncomfortable with males in their space. But I ask my fellow females...when is the last time you heard of a man dressed as a woman harming a woman in a public ladies room? How many times in the last 10 years have you heard of this problem?

You haven't. Because it would be a death blow to the fragile ego of most straight males to be caught in a dress, let alone being caught committing a sex offense in a dress. The very few 'straight males' who do cross dress in public do so typically late at night and in select bars and establishments. Or they will be out and about with their wife at the mall 3 towns away. The vast majority of males who are in dress's are not males at all. The few that actually are men have not made an issue of themselves.

So who the hell are we really worried about in the ladies room I am left asking?

Why do I even care?

If the law becomes that a person with a penis must use the men's room then the automatic becomes that people with vagina's will have to use the ladies room.
This will be a bad idea.
This will force allot of MTF into men's rooms and the FTM into the men's room. Women are upset that a man is in their bathroom? Wait until they have FTM's in their restrooms. Now there really are men in the women's loo.

Also the final point and this one is personal.
Sevan is androgyn. Sevan is on testosterone. Sevan has no intentions to fully transition.
A few years from now Sevan is going to look like a mix of male and female. Beard and breasts. If we press this vagina's only in the women's room issue and it becomes law then Sevan is going to get flack from someone somewhere regardless of which bathroom ze uses. If someone thinks Sevan is male and ze is in the female bathroom then is ze going to have to prove to some cop ze has a vagina?
What if ze goes to the men's room and there is a dicks only policy and someone decides to press the issue and call the genital cops. This time not only must ze bare all ze will be getting a citation for using the wrong toilet.

I hope you have a good day and a better tomorrow.

Cynthia Lee