Thursday, April 18, 2013

A good forum.

This is a great forum for transitioning transsexuals.

Outer boards are moderated, inner boards are not moderated but may only be accessed by members of the group. It is relatively small compared to most forums and has a homey atmosphere.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A response to Cathy Brennan and her recent attacks on trans* lesbian females.

I posted this in the comments section of Cathy B's blog Pretendbians recent post.
I doubt it will make it past moderation so I will post it here:

Hi Cathy,
It seems to me that your main premise is that transgender people are delusional and not in their right mind.
If we go with this premise as a statement of fact then the trangender population is mentaly ill. (I do not believe this, but let us go with the thought experiment.)

If transgender people are mentaly ill and unlikely to ever let go of the delusions they are under then trying to get them to change is an exercise in futility.

What other mental illness is it politicaly correct to shame a person for haveing the mental illness?
Would we abuse a psychotic for being psychotic? Or a person with multiple personalities?
We do not abuse the mentaly ill for their illness. It is inhumane. We can not say to a mentaly ill person “just get better! You are a terrible person for being mentaly ill. I hate you for your mental illness”. To do so would garner the ire of society.

Society at large sees the transgender as a mentaly ill person.
Is this the Cathy that you want the world to see you as? The woman who abuses mentaly ill people?

Have a good day,

PS: I do not believe or support the notion that transgender people are mentaly ill in any way shape or form. But I do believe that if someone genuinly believes that someone is mentaly ill, then that person who sees mental illness should be humane and not abuse the person they view as mentaly ill. It is just common human decency.