Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Buddy update.

Buddy is doing well. Thanks again to all who helped him last year.

For those who may wonder about Buddy, he is doing wonderful for the most part. He only limps when he has over done it or it is really cold. His operation on his leg was a good idea and we are still very grateful for all the help we got when he needed his operation. Since his operation, he has slowed down and started to display old dog tendencies. For instance, it used to be that when morning showed up, he would be the first to insist on going outside. Now when Lilly our Rat Terrier gets up first thing Buddy stays in bed.
He still likes aggressive play on occasion, but not as often as before he hurt his leg. Tug of war used to be his favorite sport, but it has been replaced laying down/siting and being 'aggressive', which is rather silly looking. You can't be all big and badass laying down and barking. Play fights only last about half the time they used to when he was younger. He no longer try's to bolt into the forest when he gets the chance. He seems to know I can catch him now. Which is good anyways. The last time he bolted into the forest he came home with the injury that required surgery.
So what I am saying is he has grown up and become an old dog. But that is ok. He is 8 years old and we believe he has some Great Dane in his ancestry. He just ended up slowing down a couple years early.
He is a very happy dog still. You should see how silly he gets when he gets his favorite treats. He parades them around all the while doing that happy dog prance/dance thing they do. He loves to play fight with the Rat Terrier, just not as often as he used to. (Which is pretty awesome to watch giant Buddy play fight with tiny Lilly. He actually lets her think she stands a chance and she is in charge. Rather adorable.)

Have a good day,
Cynthia Lee