Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our news agency's are idiots.

I am a little miffed at yesterdays news coverage of the earthquake in Chile and possibility of a tsunami hitting Hawaii.
The news agency's spent hours watching the coast line of Hawaii waiting for a tsunami that didn't come. Yes some interesting water phenomena but noting worth taking the worlds attention off of Chile. The thing is...they knew far in advance that no big waves were coming. I know they knew, because I knew by 9 AM PST that it was going to be a non-event.
What of Chile? It just had a serious earthquake and there is devastation in that nation. How much of the last 3 hours of news this morning, I have watched have been dedicated to Chile? Nothing more than a blurb. They spent more time talking about Haiti, all of 3 minutes.
Then the news turned to the political non-event of the health care debate. There is no difference in the stances of both parties, they are the same as last week and last year. There is NO news on capitol hill right now. Where is the concern for our fellow man?
Personally I am sick and tired of the shear amount of lazy reporting I have seen in the last 20 years. I remember as a child when the news was just that, News. Now we have partisan talking heads claiming moral superiority over trivial matters that do not impact the majority of the populace except to draw our attention to something other than the fact that they have no news to report. Or they seek to make something boring and turn it into a spectacle.
Makes me wonder why do the news agencies do this.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Full speed ahead!

So yesterday I went into see my doctor. Prior to obtaining a proper HRT letter he was only willing to provide me with a minimal dose of estradiol. Basically just enough E to keep me sane. I have seen some feminization but not alot.
Well I have obtained a proper HRT letter and I am now on a proper feminizing dose of E. So I now get to go into the next gear of my transition!
I am very exited, the low level of E the doctor had me on was quite literally just a sanity stopgap measure. However the estradiol even at the low level I was at did so much to open my eyes and settle my mind.
Hopefully I will be ok with the new medication regimen.
if your interested here it is:

Estradiol 8mgs orally
Estradiol patches (forgot which ones, but he said they were the most potent on the market.
Finestride 1 mg/day orally
Spironolactone 100mgs/day
Also I add in daily:
81mgs/day chewable aspirin.
1 quart of very strong spearmint tea. Spearmint has been shown to have mild anti androgenic properties that inhibits body hair growth somewhat. Yes it works, I noticed a marked difference in my body hairs growth within a week. Besides if it is bunk no biggy, I have just sat down and had a quart of tea...big deal.
Also I use an over the counter phyto progesterone cream. If its bunk and I suspect it is meh...I like the cream as a lotion and its smell is one I like. Not too expensive.
So with that much E in my system and the anti androgen's I should be hitting high gear soon.

So what is next for Cyndi?
Only time will tell, stay tuned for further updates.

PS: I am psyched!

Monday, February 22, 2010

something you might want to read

I will refrain from writing myself today, and instead I would like to direct the attention of the reader to today's blog entry from Zoe Brain .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Name Change

Yesterday I went to the DMV and Social Security and changed my name. Just a few more places and I will have it done. I have ID that says I am Cynthia!

I haven't been writing much because I tend to only write when I have something going on, or when I am pissed or excited about something. As things are moving more than smoothly I really haven't had much to put to ink. (it’s virtual ink but whatever…)

I did have a long weekend at my brothers but it turned into one of those ‘what happens here stays here” situations so I can’t report on that other than we pretty much just chilled until we went to the party…then we spent the next day in recovery mode…lol

Today is a normal day in the woods for me. Other than taking care of my pets I have nothing going on.

Did I ever tell you how my dogs verbalized their displeasure when I started to transition? Yep. The first 2 times I got dolled up they started barking at me. Not like they didn't know me. But like they didn't like me changing their world. (even the dogs are closed minded.) They did get over it thankfully.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Second vacation…

We are in Eugene OR. Having a good time and enjoying my family.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

YAY I am legaly ME!

So yesterday I got my name change all legal and proper. I am very happy and excited to have this milestone completed.
After court yesterday we went to Red Lobster. Now normaly I don't shill for companies but ...I gota make an exception when it comes to that restaurant. Great food.
After lunch we went shopping. I got a couple pairs of jeans and a jean top.
Have a great day folks!