Thursday, October 27, 2016

The cultivation corner...Marijuana master cultivation tip #1

So you want to grow good marijuana? Don't we all!
First thing you need is some clones or some seeds. (I sell seeds. Shameless self promotion.)
Now before you get your hands on those seeds or clones, you really should familiarize yourself with the plants life cycle. Just good farming.
Now to that end I would highly recommend the book "Marijuana Horticulture, by Jorge Cervantes".
That book and numerous other tomes written on the topic will get you solidly on the way to growing good plants.

For those who do know about marijuana cultivation I would like to discuss the practice of re-vegetation.
Re-vegetation happens when we introduce a plant that has already flowered back under 18 hour vegetation light cycle. Preferably you would do this with a plant that is harvested, why waste the nuggets. Eventually the plant will start to g back into vegetative mode and prepare itself for another harvest.
To do this successfully the harvester must leave the bottom 1/3 of the plant intact. Now some may balk at such a 'waste of nuggets' but it really isn't a sacrifice in the grand scheme. Most plants have just tiny nuggets on those bottom branches that do not amount to a hill of beans. Now the more you leave on the plant, the better the plants a certain point. You want to expose the undeveloped under nuggets that still have white healthy hairs to plenty of light. So removing some amount of bud is needed to get a good re-vegetation.
Once a plant has shown definitive proof of re-vegetation it will be safe to transfer the plant to a new pot. In fact it is advisable. The plant will become a huge bush the second time around if you leave ample buds after initial harvest and you get it into a larger pot for the second go around.

Why do we re-vegetate when growing from seed or procured clones will make a faster crop?
Easy, you re-vegetate the best plants of your crop, those real winners that blew your mind. After the plant gets properly re-established and in solid vegetative state you can clone this plant and have a nice private strain. I use the re-vegetation to keep some plants around until the next male growing cycle. Pretty hard to pollinate plants that are not still alive. Now if you are willing to sacrifice some of todays nuggets to make more nuggets later many plants will make more nuggets the second go around if you optimize the plant.

Re-vegetation typically adds 3-5 weeks to a grow cycle, but good things come to those who can wait.

Have a great garden,
Cynthia Lee

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