Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A meeting.

Last night Sevan and I went to a local trans get together. I figured we wouldn't be able to fill the 3 hours we have allotted, yeah right. Gather a room full of trannys and the conversation only stops when someone puts down their foot and reminds everyone of the time. LOL They are trying to get something off the ground on a local level. Regular meetings and social events would be cool for me, I never get out. The LGBT center has offered us space. Only 8 of us there. Just a drop in the bucket when we figure how many transpeople are in the region based on simple statistics. Spokane itself has over 400,000, and it is the medical service hub for surrounding comunities out to about 100 miles or so. I would guess about 700,000 or more people who are in this population pool. So we should have around 23 to 700 trans identified people in my region. My money would go on the higher number.

It was interesting. 3 FTM, 3 MTF, 1 Androgyn, and 1 non-op transman who is on the board of directors for the local LGBT. It was the first time I have met a FTM face to face. They pass completely I am so jealous. 2 of them look so male that I was wondering if they were spouses or questioning when I first saw them. OMG!! One of them was sooooo scrumptious. He looked 18 but he is 29, he has been in transition for 2 years. Buff and lean. Bragged about doing a 10 mile run not too long before the meeting. **panting** So handsome,... he got my blood flowing. (I just have this thing for hot FTM's... )

The evening was nice although we got in late. I was so tired I fell asleep with my makeup on. I looked the mess when I woke up.


Sevan said...

Your so funny. It was a very nice meeting though. To be sure.