Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wow....go figure.

Search monogamy gene. Go ahead I will wait for you to do a bit of reading.

Old news, and I am just now finding out about this?
Seems males are either hard wired for faithful behavior or to cheat.
If one is genetically predisposed to be unfaithful, can his family hold sexual indiscretions against said individual? I would have to say no. We do not hold other conditions of genetic origin against the individual.

Scientists were able to treat unfaithful mice with gene therapy to make them be nice and monogamous. That begs the question, if a drug is developed to predispose a person to be monogamous will it be used on males? With or without their knowledge? Might a woman someday require her husband to submit to such treatment if he is found to be genetically predisposed to infidelity? Is that even ethical?

Perhaps there is a solid genetic reason that some men are faithful and others are not. We do not know what the ramifications of messing with mother nature can be.
Personally I think that we should not go down this road of research. It is going to lead to forced monogamy on entire populations.

Why do I feel like we are living the prologue to a 'Brave new world'?


Sevan said...

Or...perhaps instead it will lead to poly folk standing up, claiming their right to be who they are, love who they want, when they want in consentual manner. Perhaps it will force the hand to stand up and be heard.
Perhaps...and this is a REALLY wild idea...just maybe this could lead to understanding and the un-doing of monogomy as the majority!? One can dream...can't one.