Thursday, April 1, 2010

Video blogging and blood work

I try to do video blogging about once a week. I'd slipped a little and hadn't done a video this previous weekend. Lots of processing and frustration over being denied coverage for surgery by my insurance. Plus no real desire to discuss it. The reasons the insurance gave didn't leave any wiggle room for appealing. So...I won't be appealing.

In good news though....I just got the results back from my blood work to check on my hormone levels! They're perfectly in male range!! Woohoo!! (Male range being 350-1050) I'm sitting at 617. Nice. My doctor said he's never seen that high of results in someone who's having to supplement T. Hehehehe. I'm not surprised.

This brings me alot of peace because...people who go on cross sex hormones (meaning a man taking estrogen, or a woman taking testosterone) will usually have some sort of freak out, or not feel right, or become depressed, lethargic ect. Transgender people who truly SHOULD be taking these hormones...don't freak out. They instead feel peace, and a rightness. That's how I feel. I'm definitely not freaking out, I'm definitely not having adverse reactions....I just me. Nice.

Something else that's curiously cropping desire to craft and sew!! I thought I'd lost that for good. Nope. I'm working on a skirt for Cyndi. (it used to be mine, I just have to shrink it) After that it's back to work on Cyndi's tu-tu...and I just got the fabric I need to make my kilt!! I've been thinking about making myself a more "messanger bag" style...ermm...bag. That way I don't have to carry a "purse"...I've also started thinking about a new style of patchwork skirt!!! ooooooo! Stay tuned ;)

It just feels so good to have transition under control to the point where I can start thinking about OTHER things! It feels really good.


Unknown said...

Darling!!!!! How is it I did not know that you were transitioning as well as Cynthia! I don't think you've ever mentioned it or that I would remember (I can be a bit thick sometimes LOL)...did you both know when you got together? Answer any way you like (or not...) I just clicked over from FB. Just didn't want to out you anywhere that's your job LOL as I see you use Sara on FB & Sevan (cool name!) here. Congrats on the hormones!Love Aylwin BB xox

Unknown said...

OK saw your other post but then in the video I can see the real you. I find the overlap of butchness with FtM trans fascinating because although fairly androgynous myself I am definitely oriented towards butches! I am sooooooo sorry about your boobs dear hard to have such a rack too I'm so skinny you can't even tell I have 'em anymore in clothes life's funny that way hey? But I never wanted that my Mum was big & had lots of problems for it. So my heart really & especially goes out to you dear. There IS & WILL be a way because I say so - So Mote It BE! (There I sent my prayer)BBxo A

Unknown said...

I knew Sevan had the potential to transition years before we got married and likewise in reverse.
I just didn't expect it, I figured I had heard the last about transition from Sevan was about 6 years ago.
Sevan tells me that s/he always knew I was going to transition but I sprang it on her 10 years earlier than she guessed I would.
My transition was the final trigger for Sevan. Once I started it wasn't but a few months later Sevan started transition.

Unknown said...
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Sevan said...

The last comment was deleted simply because it was a duplicate.

Unknown said...

Cyndi,You two are so in tune that you even surprise yourselves LOL! I find Sevan's transition story so compelling & fascinating, have you written your journey down somewhere? & what was the comment that got deleted??? Aylwin xox

Sevan said...

Cyndi accidentally posted her response to you twice. Well...rather...the computer glitched and posted it twice! So the duplicate got deleted. That's all.
As for Cyndi's story...keep scrolling to the bottom of the page. She's written a number of things from coming out, to spiritual matters, her name explained..lots of entrys from her! That's the annoying thing about blogger...the beginning is at the bottom!! Silly website. (it's possible that we've written so much there's multiple pages. Just look for a link that says "previous posts". Or..on the right hand side of the page there's the list of "blog archives". This blog was started in Jan 2010, so that's the very first entries which were mostly written by Cyndi about herself :)