Thursday, January 7, 2010

A transsexuals request to the cisgendered.


My name is Cyndi, short for Cynthia. I was born in 1968 and was proclaimed a boy by the obvious male genitalia I had. However looks can be deceiving.

I will spare the lengthy story of how I came to ‘know’. That is a rather long story that truly sounds like a carbon copy of other transwomen who transition late in life. If you are not aware of trans issues trust me on this one. Most late in life transitioners have an almost identical life story. Maybe another time.

Today I want to inform the world that it is not ok to alienate of victimize one of your loved ones for being gender variant. Nothing another person does as a gender expression can justify abuse. Gender variant people are hard wired to be gender variant. This fact has been accepted since the days of Harry Benjamin by most members of the medical establishment. Yet even in light of the overwhelming scientific evidence that gender variant people are made that way in the womb, some people find it perfectly acceptable to abuse others for just being natural.

Imagine if you were constantly ridiculed and heckled for being your birth sex. That no matter what you did people were always getting on your case for being what you were born as.

That is what its like to be anything other than a ‘normal’ gender. We can not help the way we feel. We do not invent our issues. We are born with them. You can not yell us normal. You can’t force us to conform with shame or religion. Because we know that this is what god wants us to be. Just as I am sure that god doesn’t want you to be gender variant. We all have a unique path that we must follow.

So the next time you see a man in a dress or a woman with muscles and a beard don’t point it out and make a fuss. Just let us go in peace. We haven't brought harm to you and we would just like to live in peace without being ridiculed for being the person we are born to be. You wouldn’t tease someone who had a ‘normal’ birth defect.


Anonymous said...

my moms name is cynthia. its classy and tasteful!

newvisions said...

I love you Cynthia, my beautiful first grandchild girl!