Friday, January 8, 2010


Christine Daniels and Amanda Simpson are the two well known transwomen that have been in the public eye recently.
Ms. Daniels aka Mike Penner was famous for being a sportswriter and unfortunately also for committing suicide.
Amanda Simpson is famous for being the highest profile transwoman appointed by any president, and from what I can surmise; being one hell of an over achiever. Recently appointed to a high ranking position in the Commerce dept, her high profile has thrust her into the public spotlight.
These two women represent the two ends of the transition spectrum. Where Daniels was unable to go on Simpson thrives.
They have some striking similarities other than both being transsexual. Both carved their niche in a male world as women. Granted Daniels only spent a short time as a woman before she de-transitioned back to Mike and Amanda has been fulltime in the role of a woman for years. Both have/had acceptance in their professions.
What quality do we find in Amanda that we do not find in Christine? I think the question is unfair. There is no way we can quantify pain. What drops one person to their knees might just as well barely faze another person. Some people have high pain thresholds. They can simply take more abuse than others. To be a transsexual is tough. Even if you are never called names or looked at funny, there is no escape from the news and discussion of transsexualism in these times. There is no way to avoid hearing or reading the vitriol people have for transsexuals. No way to avoid the stark reality that we are killed and raped at a staggering rate. No way to escape from the inner demons that castigate and tease. Going outside of what society thinks is kosher will earn you the bile and venom of said society. For all its insistence to ‘be yourself’ we are met with the harsh reality that that saying is just that…A saying.
So I think to be proper we must ask what is it that these two women can teach us? Christine teaches that high profile level success is no guaranty of success and Amanda shows that no matter how qualified and competent a T woman is, she will be scorned by those who cannot learn to grow.
It is a harsh reality for transsexuals. I will not even put to pen the shear amount of indignity visited upon us as a matter of course. But will instead leave with this…
I pray that someday being transsexual is a total non-issue. We just want to live in peace like everyone else.


Kristin said...

I can definitley see how this would be difficult to go through. Just think of yourself as a pioneer. You are paving the way for future generations. :-)