Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spiritual matters.

Some of you already know I am a loud and proud Wiccan.(witch) The need for transition in a Wiccan must raise some serious red flags. Wiccans hold the Goddess divine. The symbol of the Goddess is the female form. That is our idol if you will. For a natal male Wiccan to seek transition is in some peoples opinion merely an attempt at attaining divinity or connection to Goddess that is not within the natural order.
Keep in mind Wicca is a fertility religion. Many Wicca are very anti Transsexual. (possibly the majority…)We are stepping outside the sacred binary and making ourselves infertile in the process. For some this is the ultimate curse of the gods and madness to pursue. They feel there is no place for someone who would throw away the gifts of birth sex. We are not welcome in many coven for these types of reasons.
However there are also Wicca that see a place for the transsexual. Transsexuals transcend the boundaries of both genders. Never completely male nor female the Transsexual has a special place in the coven. Those Wicca that embrace us understand that we are the perfect person to call the elements . Our ability to 'know 2 worlds' on the physical realm help prepare us too know the world of spirit. Who better to counsel the tribal family on relationship matters than the person that intrinsically understand both the man and the woman when they are at odds. (maddening sometimes. Watching a couple fight and being on both persons side at the same time is exhausting.)
Of course it is obvious which school of Wiccan philosophy I ascribe too. hehe