Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Transsexual priestess

January 05


In the various temples of the ancient world, both men and women served as clergy. In addition, a small but significant number of male-to-female transsexuals also served, especially in the Goddess religions... and the temples of Cybele were certainly very well-known for this.

As we know, transsexuals are people whose psychological gender does not match their physical gender. This may be the result of a rare variation in human genetics. Although our ancestors knew nothing about the scientific causes of the phenomena, they instinctively realized that it was best to allow people to live their lives in the gender-role in which they feel most comfortable.

Over time, ancient people discovered that transsexuals often posses certain valuable talents and abilities. For example, they generally seem to have a high intelligence and psychic sensitivity. Consequently, they came to be regarded as gifts from the Goddess, and frequently held respected and honored positions in society. This was also true in many Native American cultures, where transsexuals were referred to as "Two Spirits", and commonly functioned as teachers, healers and Shamans.

When the Christians took over, they sought to discredit the practices of the older religions. They created the myth that transsexuality was unnatural and evil, and that transsexuals were promiscuous, prostitutes, beggars, etc. Many of these accusations are still being spread by Christians today, and continue to cause serious problems for gender-variant people.

In addition, some historians have confused eunuchs with transsexuals. A eunuch is a normal masculine man who has simply been castrated. On the other hand, the transsexual Priestesses of Cybele (and most other Goddess religions) clearly were not eunuchs. They wore women's clothing, jewelry and perfume, styled their hair, used female names, and in every way lived as women.

In general, historians seem to have a very poor understanding of the transsexual Priestesses, for several reasons. First, they have absolutely no experience with the matter... and second, they appear to be very uncomfortable with the subject, and try to quickly dismiss it as the result of mental illness, or an act of excessive religious fervor. Fortunately, recent work by many doctors and psychologists has significantly improved our understanding of transsexuals, and enabled us to gain some excellent new insights into the customs of the ancient world.

From Cyndi: I want more than anything the return of the ancient ways.

Consider this…The FIRST deity of mankind was the mother goddess. Her image has been found in the OLDEST settlements ever found. The introduction of a male deity came many thousands of years later. So who is the true upstart? YHWH or Cybele? I think that answer is self evident.