Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why 'born this way' should be thrown away.

When we perpetuate the 'born this way' concept it buys into the idea we should have to justify or account for being queer. That makes it OK only because it is innate. Born this way steals agency from queers in this debate. Screw that noise!
What if the sole reason people had gay sex was to piss off the pope and make baby Jesus cry? What if every act of gay sex was specifically to give a spiritual black eye to the religious types? Even then the anti queer ...types would have no right to try and take rights away.
What if being gay was a choice? Would that give any amount of credence to those who say it is abomination? No. But the argument 'born this way' buys into the idea that the only reason queer is ok is nature. This buys into the idea that if we could chose to be straight we should do so due to society as a whole having hang ups.
Nope, not buying into that crap.
If and when I have sex of any type it is because I CHOOSE TO HAVE SEX THAT WAY! I am not at the mercy of my genetics or destiny, I am the master of my mind and body and if I decide to have sex in non heteronormative ways... the religious right can kiss my ass.