Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Fight for the T

Gay and lesbian voters got what they wanted. They have the right to marry and the right to serve in the military. Now that these vital human rights have been fulfilled, LGB folks are taking their free time and donation dollars and going away.
Yet the battles are not finished. Transgender people still have a number of issues they want to be addressed. Transgender people have long been told we would have to wait for the main issues to be resolved then transgender issues would be the next forefront issue.
How are we going to fight for the T when the LGB average Joe and Jane has moved on to their normal lives?
Now I understand there is a cadre of old guard who will stick it out and be very hurt by these recriminations, and I understand that hurt. You folks do put in the work. But where are your friends and allies that worked so hard for the right to love and serve?
The fight for the T is just now starting. If we do not have solid backing from our allies we will fail.

If we are going to keep the alliance it needs to be:


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you relegate Lesbian to the end of your proposed new acronym

Anonymous said...

its more interesting that the T has been relegated to the end all along! (Ina)

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that soneone would complain the L is at the end. she flipped the acronym on its head. the T has not only been at the end all this time but our RIGHTS have been the lowest priority. Perhaps now you have the smallest taste of what we experience. As a trans person i am last in line but never let into the party. TBGL from now on.