Monday, June 9, 2014

A woman speaks about her recent PRIDE experiance in LA.

Terrible treatment at LA Pride brought me to tears

By: VivaciousVL aka veronicali

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Thankfully, most people in WeHo just having fun in the spirit of equality and support. You guys were great.

This is specifically directed towards the many intolerant and trans-bigoted people that went out of their way to be extremely rude to me and my transgender brothers and sisters. Your behavior and obvious hatred towards trans people was nothing to be proud of. Rather, it shamed the city of West Hollywood and the entire GLBT community, and disrespected every single person that was really there to show their pride in expressing mutual acceptance.

I expected that my first time attending LA Pride would be absolutely amazing. I am a proud and authentic full-time trans woman, and the event was supposed to be putting the transgender community first this year. I was going to show my support and love for everyone in the spectrum. My actual experience was overwhelmingly different, and the way you treated us was despicable.

I could go into detail of how unwelcome and hated so many of you made us feel. I easily encountered more disrespect and harassment in two days at Pride than I normally do in six months.

You purposely misgendered us, making sure to put stress the sirs and bros to highlight the fact that you weren't willing to honor my expressed gender. You didn't know that I am a woman every minute of every day, or that I am a proud and visible trans activist who demands respect and equal rights, and unquestionably expects to be treated fairly by our community.

The message was quite obvious, that trans people were not wanted. Maybe you even hate us. It makes me very disappointed to know that so many of you went so far out of your way to mock us, laugh at us, ignore us, and express your intolerance of trans people. You were rude beyond belief, and put an enormous amount of effort into trying to make trans men and women feel they are inferior to you.

Your efforts did not succeed, as far as I am personally concerned, but I am stronger than many of my brothers and sisters. I pray that you didn't cause permanent harm but I fear the worst for them, knowing our trans community has an alarmingly high suicide rate. Know and never forget that any blood they may have let is all over your hands.

I hope that those of you that aren't transbigots will police the haters by sharing this. I still have love for the ones that hurt us.