Friday, June 6, 2014

Why am I calling for a split locally?

When Spokane Trans* People started it was a program of the LGBT center. There was no doubt about that. Unfortunately that information was not communicated properly by Matt it was claimed by those who said we were not. So basically I was called a liar and Matt’s promises to the group were not honored in his death.
When Matt passed away and a clarification was needed as to whether Spokane Trans* People was a LGBT center program or not, the center chose to distance itself from the group. In spite of the fact that we were and still are listed on their website as a program of the center. It wasn’t even going to cost the center a dime to say yes. It was just a matter of saving themselves of an uncomfortable situation that they disavowed the trans* group.

The center is ineffectual in the pursuit of it’s’ mission. The city of Spokane does not have an LGBT center. The city of Spokane Valley does, but this center is small, does not serve Spokane well at all and does not have proper phone, or computer services or a proper staff. Staff that are there are often unprofessional in demeanor and attire. When I would go to the center and it was obvious a man was living in the center counter to the city’s zoning regulations, it was very off putting. The center smelled of this man in every corner.
Now the center is not even accessible to the average Spokanite; out in Valley is not serving us. Maybe it serves Valley, but it isn’t doing much for Spokane. And it does nothing for Spokane Trans* People.

The leadership in the local center is stagnant. It would serve the community far better to dissolve the center and the people of the center to join other healthy queer organizations in the town.
Since Matt passed away the center as a leader in the community has been in a slow death rattle. The ball has been dropped a number of times. If it hadn’t then we wouldn’t have to go to Valley to have a center.
Focusing more on politics and relationships than getting business done isn’t helping us. Making constant excuses on how the followers have failed the leaders is ringing hollow.
If you folks are going to lead, then lead. This half assing I see isn’t sufficient.

I know this is going to anger some folks and I know that the center will not be closed but I do think it is time that the Transgender/Transsexual community stand on its’ own and request that the LGBT center change its name to the LGB center. They are not serving the transgender community. Spokane Trans* People does that and rather well. We do not need the LGB center doing our work.


Vikki said...

I agree. Totally.