Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We want to divorce the LGB.

A great document was once written that was the manifesto of freedom. If I had such a document in my pen to share with you I surely would do so. For the call to freedom and self determination is a noble calling and one all should strive to achieve.
Currently there is a toxic atmosphere in the halls of the LGBT. Gay men who have long held the reigns of power have recently en mass let transsexual women know just exactly what they think of us. We have been ridiculed and attacked numerous times over simple issues of respect. Where we have asked for the dignity to designate for ourselves what we find to denigrate us, we have been ridiculed, shamed and told to grow thicker skin. The problem is that most TS women I have known do not have thick skin enough to take betrayal. We can handle the slurs and bigotry of the outside world. We have been fighting it since the beginning of patriarchy. But to have ones supposed allies turn on you in the midst of battle is an untenable situation.
Now to be clear, I understand that there are many wonderful gay men who have our backs and have gone to bat for us. It is these far too few men who have been able to keep the alliance united up to this point.

But it isn’t enough. When we were recently attacked en mass by gay males over the RuPaul/Carmen affair there were very few gay male voices attempting to call their brothers to task over this horrendous treatment. If you do not have enough voices calling for respect for TS women and the voices of disunity are not drowned out, then your group is transphobic and there is no way that TS women are going to remain in the LGBT.

The rally for dissolution of association of the T from LGB needs to sound loud as a clarion call across the lands.
At PRIDE this year let it be known we are not a part of the LGBT anymore. Form local TS groups.  Form regional groups. Form national and international groups and fight for our rights as a group and not let us rely on the good will of others. This is not to say we should not accept the good will of others, just that we should not rely on them. It is long past time that we stand on our own two feet anyways.


Vikki said...

You are not alone: **hugs**

Angelika said...

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