Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am miserable.

So I have been dealing with fibromyalgia and the last few days have been rough but today it is out of control. Anyways I haven’t given up on this project.

I am currently doing rather well for the most part other than the fibro.  Having a heavy dose of estradiol is very much agreeing with my mind. I am noticing some filling out in my thighs, hips and buttocks. NICE! My face is defiantly starting to react but it was reacting on the low dose E so I am not surprised there.

So the big thing lately has been the Susan Stanton story on CNN. Saw it. Susan is a human, she fucked up socially with the Trans crowd but that is the fault of whoever thought putting Stanton on stage as a spokes woman for trans issues. Someone wrote about that decision that putting Susan up as a spokeswoman for trans issues the same as trying to have a 14 year old girl stand up for feminism.  I know why she did it. She is a 14 year old kid. At least she is socially. They were giving her positive reinforcement, that is until she put her foot in her mouth. CNN I think could have done a better job at the special. They could have followed a poor Latina girl and contrasted her transition to Stanton's.

Anyways I guess thats all I have for now.


Hugz and luv

Cynthia Lee