Saturday, August 2, 2014

The TERF and TRANS* War Continues

Recently the war between transgender exclusionary radical feminists and transgender women has ratcheted up.

There have been doxxings and verbal violence flying around from both sides.

At heart of the battle is that TERF activists refuse to accept that TS women are indeed women and TS women asserting that they are indeed women.
Now one would think that such a disagreement would remain academic and reserved for the halls of philosophers but at the insistence of certain feminist voices {Trans* and TERF} this issue is worth going to war over.

TERF activists want spaces for women born women to remain transgender free. Now that seems a sticky subject. Ok, fine I wasn’t socialized as a female during my male days, but I sure as hell wasn’t treated like one of the boys. Sure go ahead and have your bonding experiences with other like minded women. Go to the Michigan Women’s Music Fest and your private group, get together activities. Not exactly very welcoming to all women…
But it isn’t that simple. TERF voices are calling trans* women men. That trans* women should not be allowed into any woman only space, like public restrooms and locker-rooms. They maintain that transgender females are somehow intrinsically dangerous to natal women and children. Some go as far as to say we rape women virtually; using our transformed bodies as a ticket into women’s spaces. The entire premise of their argument is very fear of rape mongering.

See now I have a problem. Trans* women are women. Period. Transgender females are much more likely to be attacked in a restroom. When we ask TERF Henie Penny’s to cite the evidence for the alleged dangers TS women pose, we are treated to a new round of circular logic and argument. No real evidence is presented.

I ask:
Would you really send me and my trans* sisters to the men’s facilities?!
Not only is it dangerous for trans* women to go to the men’s facilities, it also would be disruptive to society at large.

Let me say this loud and clear to any TERF reading this: Your ‘discomfort’ at seeing a TS woman does not trump a TS woman’s right to pee in peace. Your misplaced fears are not justification to send her into the men’s spaces. Transsexuals have the medical and psychological community’s on our side in these matters. The science is on the side of the trans* community. We are the gender we say we are.



flow said...

I think that is a gross over-simplification of the issue


There are many men, who 'identify' as women, who are patently NOT FEMALE.
These are the ones who masturbate in their sister's knickers, perve in the female changing rooms etc.

"TERF" was invented by trans activists, to describe radfems who disagree with them.

Sure, many radfems don't agree that any women born male are women. They are entitled to that opinion.

What is more important is that the fundamental issue of women's right to safety from predatory males EVEN if they identify as women. We cannot ignore the rapists - in the last month, two trans 'women' have been charged with penis in vagina RAPE.

By ignoring, sidestepping and gas-lighting this real issue, TG activists show their fundamental lack of concern for women as a whole.

Its not ok to simply disown rapists as and when they carry out their male pattern violence. The issue of people with penises committing acts of violence and violation against women (including trans women) needs to be addressed, both in society (through radical feminism) and in the TG community (through some serious soul searching and a drop in the 'them and us' mentality)

who cares what 'terfs' (OUR word for them) think of us? We need to be realistic about the composition of the TG spectrum, and sort out the issues before we push for laws that endanger women,