Thursday, August 7, 2014

The backlash religion faces is just.

We seem to be at a turning point in our culture where we are starting to somewhat recover from the trauma that institutions of religious power over the millennia inflicted on the world. Many people have suffered historical and personal injuries greatly at the hands of the religious institutions.
It is only normal and human for people to lash out against that which has harmed them. It often goes into the realm of the vicious and the absurd; and those who once were the victims can very easily become the oppressor. Again this is a human nature thing to desire to give as good as you got.
Now I think we do a great disservice to the original victims to cast them as the villain. It perpetuates the cycle. We need to unpack the issues and reveal all the old ugly stuff that oppressed for so long. It is unfortunate for the current followers of these religions to admit the harm their elders perpetuated on the world. But we have to address these issues if we as a culture will grow beyond them.


Billie said...

It's about time!

Violence and harassment against trans-whatever (regardless of how that occurs) seems to be everywhere and it still goes on unabated! Society is unfortunately slow to accept and to change and this is also a part of human nature.

But, well said!