Friday, August 29, 2014

A Call for Peace

This is an open letter to the trans* community members who have become embroiled in the Parker and Kelsie situation.

It is time for the hostilities to cease. We are turning a learning moment into a battle that should not be fought. We are now into the realm of lateral hostilities.
Parker messed up. The trans* community of advocates, writers and activists reacted and issued a reprimand. I signed it myself as I feel we must hold our own to higher standards.
Parker issued a mea culpa, admitted fault and imposed on herself a penalty of refraining from advocacy writing for a time and that she will seek professional help.

This should have been the end of it. But we all know how we tend to form teams and entrench. Entrenching is part and parcel of how we as TS women survived to transition. ;)

Every one of us who stay embroiled in this mess are distracting ourselves from the work we need to be doing. We can not let this sidetrack us from our higher calling.
We have all said our piece and some us more than once. {insert eye roll here} :P

I like Parker. I read what she writes and support her desires to be a professional writer. In fact I envy the writing skills she has.
I like Kelsie. I read what she writes and support her desire to be an advocate. I also envy her skills as a writer.

Every single person who reads this post has something in their past they regret and have paid for in one way or another. Parker is in that moment now and it is even worse for her. The shame is public.

Please let peace reign in the social justice arena. We have hearts and minds to win. We can not do that if we are busying ourselves with an internal affair.

For the readers who have no idea what this is all about:
Sorry for the distraction.  


Anonymous said...

Well written. Kelsie has been trying to not say anything further on this but Parker supports keep coming back to this. Time to let the whole thing die down and give both Kelsie and Parker space.