Thursday, June 2, 2011

I can't win.

One of the trans support sites I frequent has been loosing members due to the transgender/transsexual word war.
I am not without blame. I have been more than willing to dive into the fray and partake of the gift of battle. (a definate hold over from my man indoctrination) I have opinions and I feel that I should have the right to shoot off my mouth just as much as the average person.
However,it seems that even when I keep it civil those who are not part of the conflict are getting emotionaly hurt and taking great offence to the fact that there is a fight going on in there midst.

I can not be part of this fight anymore. At least for now. I am mainly involved in the trans comunity to help those girls who I conect with and help them come too terms with their gender. Help them transition. I didn't become involved with the trans comunity to be political. This has happened but it was not my original purpose. My main purpose was at first too just survive. I have done that and I stayed in the comunity to pay it forward.

I can't assist anyone transition if I am caught up in a semantics war that is driving those who are more easily hurt away from the comunity I wish too serve.