Thursday, June 23, 2011

I should be silenced.

I hate it when I am attacked and belittled by those who do not agree with me.
I have NEVER made a personal attack on anyone in the TS/TG argument.
I have argued the points and stood my ground but I have never made it personal.
There have been cases where some others have made it personal and have attacked me. I am not going to link anything to demonstrate. The main attaker is in my opinion likely from an abusive family where verbal assualt and social attacks were comon place.

The saddest part to me is that I ussed to really like the person who hates me.

Do I say things that I regret on occasion?
I am human, I am prone to sticking my foot in my mouth. I also have been known to change my opinion and modify my beliefs, thereby making something I have said in the past of non consequence.
And sometimes I will talk allot of shit just too simply piss someone off because I know it pushes someones buttons.

I do cringe when someone takes the time to quote me but I own my shit.
However, I do not like it when I get lied about, words put in my mouth and outright lies posted about me and directly quoting me when I said nothing.

Like I said in the past, just wait, I will say something stupid. You do not have too lie about me just to make me look bad.