Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bathroom tactics

I have said this before a number of times but I think I shall say it again.

First I want to direct your attention the Zoe Brains recent blog entry.

If you didn't look it is about how the people who equate trans women to predator men keep recycling the same video of a man going into the women's room right after a little girl does. The old saw that gender variant people are no different than a pedophile keeps coming up time and time again.

I left a response to her post that I shall recycle here....

"The only way I can see defeating the bathroom bills is to show up to the public debates in large groups and use the bathrooms of our births. If a bunch of lawmakers, lobbyists and citizens are subjected to trans women in the men's room and trans men in the women's room they would become very uncomfortable. They have power to make that discomfort go away with laws. (see where this is going?)
If we take up the men's room with girl talk and female primping and communication while these males are there they will be much more likely to pass a law that makes this discomfort go away. The same with the women's room with trans men using the toilets like urinals and smelling up the place with testosterone smells, the female law makers and citizens will be seriously put out by this and will insist that their comfort be addressed.
They want to talk about men in the women's room? Demonstrate too them it doesn't work the way they want it too no matter what they do.
Only by changing tactics can we hope to win the bathroom war."

I do not mean just debates about gender protection laws or closed minded laws of exclusion. I am talking everywhere a congressman goes pee he should have a hoard of trans women using his toilets. Target his aides. Do it in large groups. Stay safe. If they want to portray us as a bathroom menace show them they are not thinking this through. If they wish to make it mandatory for trans women to use the men's room remind them it works both ways. Who really thinks the average man of transsexual history belongs in the ladies toilets? I don't think that a pack of FTM body builders would be truly welcome in a local city hall women's toilet. But by the bigots rules they would legally require it.

Make them think beyond the now. Beyond their narrow prejudice.


Monica Roberts said...

yeah Cyndi, we may have to go there