Sunday, May 15, 2011

Word wars and the casualties that result.

Yesterday we had a girl at one of the forums I frequent almost delete her account and facebook.
What triggered this girl?

Seems she stumbled into a hotbed of vipers. Those who participate in the TS/TG word wars.
As one of these vipers who participate in the word wars I felt rather bad and immediately shot her off a private message expressing my sorrow and extending any apologies if it was something I had said.
Turns out it wasn't anything I did or said. It was others who had triggered her.

She is young and very recently out and at the beginning of her transition. She is just still figuring things out and where she fits into this world. Then she stumbles into arguments over gold star transsexuals and men in dress's.
Yeah not good.

I will admit that the factions I see are very polarized over things that we shouldn't be polarized over.

I said it before and i will say it again.
A basher will not differentiate between a gold star (passing privilege does not protect against being outed) or a cross dresser. He will beat you into a pulp if he can. He does not see a woman or a guy having a lark out and about town. He sees a pervert that needs to be made to pay. To the basher, anyone who transgresses what he sees as societies rules, is fair game. Fair game for whatever form of punishment the basher sees fit. Weather it be public ridicule or outright homicide, all of us who are different are fair game.

I understand that there are women who do not want to be equated to men in dress's. That is understandable. But we are equated to men in dress's in the eyes of those who hate us all.
It will take a long time to change society. Especially with so few numbers as we currently have.
Meanwhile we need to band together with as many people as possible. Those who are othered by society are our natural allies. The entire LGBT/T should be treated with difference and respect by anyone who fits into that group. We need each other. Regardless of the differences and personal issue we may have with each other we need each other to get this society to move forward. No one small sliver of society can get the job done on it's own.

If we can somehow band together and stop the infighting maybe we can avoid the casualties. Luckily this time around it was meerly a flesh wound and our young peer seems no worse for the wear. But what if she had deleted her accounts? Without the support group she has reached out too she very well could have detransitoned as a result. I am pretty sure we all know how dangerous detransition is. Detransition often equals death.


Dana Lane Taylor said...

Two have left (other than myself) in the last several days.

I am curious, did you lobby Susan to voice your opinion on my ban? I am going to guess not.

You always talk about infighting but remember who it was that was doing the fighting? It was you, not me.

I am finding you to be such a hypocrite. You disconnect yourself from who you really are.

Unknown said...

Wow Dana,
I didn't fight exactly. I called your opinion out and you promptly freaked out.
Instead of humoring me and participating in my 'silly' debate you went off like a firecracker.
I never attacked you Dana. I attacked your opinion. They are not the same.

Oh and notice I have the guts to have open posting on my blog. I don't censor people or put words in their mouths....

Unknown said...

When did I ever publicly mention you being banned from any site?

I try and not name names and point fingers. I do fail at that sometimes but I am pretty sure I never mentioned you by name or by the forums you attend.

Oh BTW...if I really wanted to get on your site I would get a fake IP adress and a fake history and get in anyways.....

Anonymous said...

:), Friend!