Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cathy Brennan a conversation

Cathy Brennan sent me a facebook message this morning. To be honest I was rather surprised that I would even be on this womans radar.
So here is the conversation we had this morning. I tried to keep it civil and respectful as I do not like to blow up. (granted I do on occassion, one of the flaws of humanity)

about an hour ago Cathy Brennan hope you are well!

The Sisterhood ★ Blames Cathy Brennan For Cotton Ceiling Cock Blocking

Alexandra Goodman I don’t know if any of you have been following the cotten ce.....Share..

about an hour ago Cyndi Bussell

Greetings and salutations.

I hope the day finds you in good spirits and having a good day.

I see that you have taken an interest in our group.

I stand behind my statement that anyone who answers a question with "blah blah blah" can be discounted and ignored.

When topics get so heated and passions run deep it is incumbant for all parties to try and remain calm and focused so that they may present a deep and thought proveking response when challenged.


May your week be awesome,

Cynthia Lee


about an hour ago Cathy Brennan Asking the same question repeatedly and ignoring the answer deserves a blah blah blah. I am not responsible for answering the same bullshit repeatedly.


about an hour ago Cyndi Bussell


I just started reading up on these issues.

I am certainly not an opinion leader or any form of leader in the trans* comunity. I am just a gal who is in a few groups.

When I read the entire cotton ceiling thing I was rather put off by the arguments on both sides to be honest.

I do not care to present my opinions or views to you. It would all just be transplaining.

But I will say this to you,

My mother is a lesbian, out and pround since the late 70's, she is a great mom, a feminist, a writer and part time philosopher and she has no issues with trans lesbians.


about an hour ago Cathy BrennanNeither do I, as it turns out. I have a huge problem though with rapey assholes.


32 minutes ago Cyndi Bussell

So do I.

When I get rapey, by all means get in my buisness. As it is...I have been castrated so there is not much worry about that now is there?

Also I do not violate lesbian spaces, I know better to go where I am not invited. The only involvement with lesbians I have is through my local LGBT center, and when I visit my mom.


31 minutes agoCathy Brennan I'm sorry, but i don't know who you are - do you think I have been talking to *you* specifically?


28 minutes ago Cyndi Bussell

considering how you contacted me out of the blue and we have never had a conversation previously...

yeah kinda

I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.



28 minutes ago Cathy Brennan Cyndi - I sent you that blog link since you enjoy talking out of your ass. WRT to cotton ceiling discussions, i don't know you.


24 minutes ago Cyndi Bussell


Yeah I do have a tendancy to talk allot. I admit it. But I did read like 3 articles that covered this topic and I was surprised to see you respond to comments like you did. You articulate rather well but when you resorted to blah blah blah, I was lost. I couldn't believe you went there and yes I dismissed you out of hand bassed on a juvinile response.

Have you considered teaming up with Lynn Baker? The two of you have similar goals and opinions.


19 minutes agoCathy Brennan OMG you read 3 articles! Aren't you a wonder!


16 minutes ago Cyndi Bussell

Yeah only 3 articles in my entire life....


Yeah once I got 3 articles into the cotton ceiling thing I was done with it to be honest.

Seemed like no one could be rational after the coments started flying. So I droped it and moved on to working. This home will not tend to itself it seems.

So. I am suddenly in the middle of a conversation that had nothing to do with me.
I stand behind the comment I made in the Sisterhood.
If all ya got is "blah blah blah" you have no real argument.