Monday, May 10, 2010

If a trans inclusive ENDA is not passed.....

...or trans issues are pealed out of the version of ENDA that does pass...

We need to flood capitol hill with activist transpeople. Use the bathrooms the conservative asshats say we should. Do it in large groups so we are safe. See how fast the lackeys of the legislators get on board when they have to fight for bathroom space with a bunch of transwomen.
Do the same to the ladies room. Fill the Capitol Hill womens bathrooms with transmen. Screw um. If they want to do us dirty we can fight back. We just need to brave up and do it. It won’t take too many upset powerful women to get the ball rolling!bThe people that oppose our rights say they are afraid of men in the women’s bathroom...Some of the most macho, hot and manly dudes I have ever seen are transmen. How many bearded men who are just doing what the bathroom fear crowds want will it take to make them end this madness?
And imagine the capitol hill staffers trying to find mirror space to wash up but can't because transwomen are doing their makeup there and talking about orchi's. But for squirm factor use the word castrate to refer to said ... etc I can imagine it wouldn't take too many incidents of serious discomfort amongst the powerful to get some results.
Doing it the Barney Frank, GLAAD, LGBT HRC way gets no results. The entire structure of an organization like that is designed to fail. If we get equal rights the gay elite are no longer 'oppressed' and no one will buy their books that describe the struggle they go through. If they are not an oppressed class who will listen to their lectures on the circuit? The old elite gay crowd has a vested interest in keeping us as second class citizens. Only through direct action that brings discomfort to the elite can we hope to win this struggle.
Time to change tactics. Hit em below the belt so to speak. We need to stage a toilet protest in D.C.!