Friday, May 28, 2010


Seems no one has questions or they are unsure how to respond. Just click on the coment link after the post and pose your question. Simple really.
Meanwhile I would like to direct peoples attention to Zoe Brains recent blog post.
It is not generaly spoken about but not everyone fits neatly into the girl or boy box. There are people all over the world who fit somewhere inbetween, yet they are kept invisible by stigma and medical eradication of intersex traits of infants with invasive surgeries that are often in adulthood reported as a mutilation or assault by those who where altered.
Look it up.
It is a facinating subject and the rights of IS and TS/TG people are closely intertwined by the myopic ideals of society at large. Also there is mounting evidence that trans is a result of nueral intersexing, where the brain is one sex and the body anouther. It really would explain alot. Like why transition is the only sucessful treatment for being trans with the highest rate of success of any medical intervention. (in the 90%'s)
Anyways there is a starting point for you.