Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our news agency's are idiots.

I am a little miffed at yesterdays news coverage of the earthquake in Chile and possibility of a tsunami hitting Hawaii.
The news agency's spent hours watching the coast line of Hawaii waiting for a tsunami that didn't come. Yes some interesting water phenomena but noting worth taking the worlds attention off of Chile. The thing is...they knew far in advance that no big waves were coming. I know they knew, because I knew by 9 AM PST that it was going to be a non-event.
What of Chile? It just had a serious earthquake and there is devastation in that nation. How much of the last 3 hours of news this morning, I have watched have been dedicated to Chile? Nothing more than a blurb. They spent more time talking about Haiti, all of 3 minutes.
Then the news turned to the political non-event of the health care debate. There is no difference in the stances of both parties, they are the same as last week and last year. There is NO news on capitol hill right now. Where is the concern for our fellow man?
Personally I am sick and tired of the shear amount of lazy reporting I have seen in the last 20 years. I remember as a child when the news was just that, News. Now we have partisan talking heads claiming moral superiority over trivial matters that do not impact the majority of the populace except to draw our attention to something other than the fact that they have no news to report. Or they seek to make something boring and turn it into a spectacle.
Makes me wonder why do the news agencies do this.