Thursday, February 25, 2010

Full speed ahead!

So yesterday I went into see my doctor. Prior to obtaining a proper HRT letter he was only willing to provide me with a minimal dose of estradiol. Basically just enough E to keep me sane. I have seen some feminization but not alot.
Well I have obtained a proper HRT letter and I am now on a proper feminizing dose of E. So I now get to go into the next gear of my transition!
I am very exited, the low level of E the doctor had me on was quite literally just a sanity stopgap measure. However the estradiol even at the low level I was at did so much to open my eyes and settle my mind.
Hopefully I will be ok with the new medication regimen.
if your interested here it is:

Estradiol 8mgs orally
Estradiol patches (forgot which ones, but he said they were the most potent on the market.
Finestride 1 mg/day orally
Spironolactone 100mgs/day
Also I add in daily:
81mgs/day chewable aspirin.
1 quart of very strong spearmint tea. Spearmint has been shown to have mild anti androgenic properties that inhibits body hair growth somewhat. Yes it works, I noticed a marked difference in my body hairs growth within a week. Besides if it is bunk no biggy, I have just sat down and had a quart of tea...big deal.
Also I use an over the counter phyto progesterone cream. If its bunk and I suspect it is meh...I like the cream as a lotion and its smell is one I like. Not too expensive.
So with that much E in my system and the anti androgen's I should be hitting high gear soon.

So what is next for Cyndi?
Only time will tell, stay tuned for further updates.

PS: I am psyched!


Jenny said...

Spearmint eh? That's interesting, by coincidence it's been a favourite of mine for years. Not in the quantities you mention but a reasonably regular beverage to avoid having too much caffeine at work.

Can't say I've noticed anything but I guess I wasn't looking and I do consider myself lucky to not have too much body hair.

Unknown said...

I wish I could remember where Sara found the article but cest la vie'.
I do remeber that it takes alot of Spearmint on a daily basis.
I like tea so it is easy to drink as long as I have my lemons.
(mmm I love lemons) Even eat them.

Jenny said...

I'd just drunk two mugs of the stuff when I read your post. Doing a bit of research I find it's used by women with polycystic ovaries to combat hirsuitism. My consumption of a few cups several days a week would appear to be significant. Oh well, something else to quiz my poor doctor about.