Thursday, February 18, 2010

Name Change

Yesterday I went to the DMV and Social Security and changed my name. Just a few more places and I will have it done. I have ID that says I am Cynthia!

I haven't been writing much because I tend to only write when I have something going on, or when I am pissed or excited about something. As things are moving more than smoothly I really haven't had much to put to ink. (it’s virtual ink but whatever…)

I did have a long weekend at my brothers but it turned into one of those ‘what happens here stays here” situations so I can’t report on that other than we pretty much just chilled until we went to the party…then we spent the next day in recovery mode…lol

Today is a normal day in the woods for me. Other than taking care of my pets I have nothing going on.

Did I ever tell you how my dogs verbalized their displeasure when I started to transition? Yep. The first 2 times I got dolled up they started barking at me. Not like they didn't know me. But like they didn't like me changing their world. (even the dogs are closed minded.) They did get over it thankfully.