Thursday, October 23, 2014

TVTP, Transgender Violence Tracking Project

Allison Woolbert over at the TVTP is dealing with some issues with TERFS trying to mess with her.

Here is Allison Woolberts recent post on Facebook:

OK friends and allies of Allison Woolbert. I need some help. Can you write about 3 paragraphs with about 3 sentences in each? I know this sounds absurd, but I need your help in displacing the TERFs from taking over my name once again.
This seems to be an ongoing situation and is problematic on a number of levels.

So here is what to do- We need as many writers as possible to write a few paragraphs with my name in the title, several times in the text, and then put in as ...a keyword in the meta tags. I know most wont' know what to do with the metatag info- but we can fix that here.
If you are willing to write a three paragraph post on Allison and give us permission to reprint, we'll get them on the web and start displacing the TERF hate group Gender Identity Watch...
Subject matter might include the Transgender Violence Tracking Project, the ongoing work with your groups that I'm involved with, the calling out of the hate group GIW, the formation of TERF Tracker, or frankly anything else POSITIVE you might like to say that others could read. So- please consider giving me a hand to reclaim my name from the haters.

So here you go Allison. :)

If anyone else wants to help her, give her a heads up when you do.

Have a good day Alison Woolbert and Lizzy over at TVTP.