Wednesday, August 15, 2012

He's home!

Buddy's surgery was successful! We just got him back after he spent a day at the vets rehabilitating. After surgery was complete they gave us a call to tell us how it'd gone. He'd also ruined %75 of one of his knee cartilage...which makes me so sad!! They have two cartilages, one on the left half of the knee joint, and one on the right half of the knee joint. So the right half is completely fine, but the left cartilage is the one that was we'll be doing our best to stave off arthritis, but it's pretty likely it's in his future. :(

He's home now and resting on the couch (his favorite!) he needed some help getting up here, but then decided to snuggle some. :)

He came and said thank you :) Such a sweet boy!!!

His incision. He's not messing with it so far, which is good because he's definitely a stress licker. We're actually having a hard time keeping Lily away from it! Silly girl.

Thanks to all who donated we were able to cover his full surgery cost! We do have just a little bit of credit card to pay off, but that's fine, no big deal. Thank you so so much!! I can't express how much it means to me.

The vet did warn us that it may be a breed deficit that makes it easier for these ACL injuries. As such, he may blow out the other ligiment. We're looking around at ways to protect him from this happening...and I've found a company that makes dog orthotics. I'm really considering such a thing for him, especially when he goes to the dog park, or wants to really play. I want him to have that option...and live his best life. We'll see if that's an option for him or not.

He's on the road to healing!


Suzanne said...

I am SO happy that he got his surgery and is doing well. One of my dogs tore her ACL about three years ago and since she is a "mature" lady, with the advice of my vet, we opted out of surgery. Arthritis was the downside of this. We put her on a glucosamine formula called Nutramax Dasuquin immediately (I order mine from Amazon) and it has helped SO much. She no longer limps and does fine even in winter. She will of course take it for the rest of her life, but that's ok with me. It's tasty and she thinks it's a treat. Just throwing that out there...

Again, though I am so happy about Buddy - he's adorable and will be up and around in no time.