Monday, July 30, 2012

Buddy update

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who were so generous and gave to our dog Buddy. We've got all the money we need for his surgery! He goes in on Aug 14th, and will stay with the vet and recover for two days, then comes the long hard road to full recovery and healing.

We have some wood at home that I intended to make a garden trellis, but I'm going to use that to make him a suitable crate instead. (rather than spend over $130 to buy him a new one that's large enough for him)

His healing time isn't going to be fun, but we're going to do everything we can for him to heal as well as possible.

Again, thank you so much for all the help!!!

I'll update his status again as we get closer to surgery, and keep everyone in the loop. He's been getting plenty of massage to keep his muscles less tense. We've been trying to keep him as mellow and quiet as we can as we get closer to surgery date.