Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buddy update -Sevan

Oh my goodness!! What a (wonderful) whirlwind the last two days have been!!

First I wanted to thank, thank, thank those 62 people who have reached out and helped us. We've raised 7/9 of the money we need for Buddy's surgery! Most of that has been in $5-$10 that is ALOT of love for my sweet boy!

While we're almost there...we're not there yet. So if you have any money that you could spare to help Buddy get a surgery to repair his left ACL tendon and help him walk without pain...that would be amazing.

Any extra money we get will go to a local charity to help families who need assistance getting medical bills paid for their pets.

*Thank you, thank you to all who have helped us!! I've removed the donation button because we've met our goal!!!**