Sunday, January 29, 2012

Choice and rights

One of the things the bigots like to throw at us is that they think we made a choice to be LGBT. The argument is that we LGBT should tow the line and not be different than the 'norm'.
This is basically the bible beating crowd saying 'my beliefs trump your right to freedom'.

Since when?
Oh yeah since forever...

Well guess what?
I will never again give ground on this. If I choose to be LGBT or if it is an innate part of my makeup is of no consequence at all. The real issue at hand is a group of religious individuals seem to think that their religion has the right to make the laws that we all must live by.
I say phooey!
That is theocracy and I refuse to bow to your god.


Laume said...

You go girl! (or gender of your choosing) ;)

Unknown said...

I didn't know you read my suff!

Thank you.

(girl works wonderfuly!)