Friday, January 27, 2012

Amazon is just plain wrong!!/notes/sevan-bussell/tell-amazon-to-change-their-settings-for-transgender-search-in-books/10150628271747119

If you do not have facebook here is the body of the note.

Ok. NOT ok Amazon!! :( :( I just went to and was looking up books on the topic of transgender issues so I could bring a few titles to group tomorrow. When I searched "Transgender" under books the VERY FIRST book was called something I'd rather not repeat(but rest assured it's a VERY adult title with no mistaking what it's about!!). This is NOT ok!!! This should NOT be the very first book on the topic! I WILL be telling Amazon about this, and I please ask you to share this, and tell Amazon how you feel! I have *no* problem with adult materials, but it doesn't belong under that keyword by itself. Someone looking for help or information should not find fetish at the top of the list!!
I am a facilitator of a local trans group in my town and I was looking for titles that would help my group, and those around us that might like more information. For that title to be the FIRST of the list is unacceptable. For FOUR adult titles to be in the top 10 books of my search is FURTHER insulting and unacceptable.Please share this note! Pass it on, and tell Amazon how you feel.

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