Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things that do not shame me. And a rant.

I am not shamed when you point out my flaws.
I am not shamed because I am HIV+.
I am not shamed because I am bisexual.
I am not shamed because I am transsexual.

Nothing you say can hurt me.
Nothing you say can silence me.
Nothing you say can make me go away.
Nothing you say can take away my humanity.

News Flash: I am not beholden to anyone to comply with social norms that I do not agree with. There is no law you can invoke that gives you the right to condemn me or anyone else for their transition. There is no law you can invoke to make transsexuals go away.

I really do not understand why it is important to some people that others are transitioning.

One hateful blog comes to mind particularly. We shall call her blog 'unclean caucasian male' because I certainly do not care to add traffic to her site. Why is it so important that she insert herself into the trans dialogue? She is a cisgender female. She does not even have a pony in this race yet she battles against the 'male medical machiene' to stop FTM's from transitioning.
Certainly there must be some moment in her life that has fueled her passion to fight against FTM transition.
I wonder what it is?

Back on point.
Transsexuals exist. We have existed in some form or another from the gender bending shaman to the Phrygian Priestess to the berdache of the Americas to the modern day transsexual. We have been here since time started. How on earth does anyone think they can make transsexuals go away simply by complaining about us?


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you're right, shame serves no purpose!!! ignore the trolls and press on!
-the nice anon