Tuesday, July 5, 2011

X files and crazy theories!

Let us completely take it in another direction shall we?

Conspiracy theories!

Do you believe any wild theories? Are aliens controlling the government? What really happened in Roswell? Is the lone shooter a believable explanation? These and other ‘crazy’ ideas are part of our culture. Indeed many cultures thrive on crazy theories. The Middle Eastern countries peoples love a good conspiracy theory.

So what are some of the crazy assed fringe things I believe to be true or that I wonder about?

The Earth is Hollow. Not only is it hollow but the inside is populated by the supposed ‘Aliens’. (Which if the aliens come from the inner earth then that makes them indigenous to the planet and not aliens at all but terrestrials.) Not only is the earth hollow but our government is in contact with the ‘aliens’. The Hollow Earth theory can take up days of interesting and wacko reading. Simply type Hollow Earth into a search engine and have fun reading.

Chemtrails are real. This one makes me go hmmmmm. I have been around for decades, watching the skies. I know what a contrail looks like. And I know what a chemtrail looks like. There is a difference. I highly suggest that you read into this one. I am convinced they are spraying us but why I have no clue. It could be for the greater good (which I hope is the case) or it could be for nefarious reasons. Once again a simple search of chemtrail will give you ample reading. YouTube has some good videos of planes defiantly dumping chemtrails.

Buildings on Mars. Buildings on the moon. If it is a crock of crap then why are many maps of both obviously edited with large areas of smudging? Have fun with this one. If there are buildings on the other planets that the space agencies are covering up, then who put them there? Are they Alien buildings or are they our buildings? Do we have lunar and Martian bases that the public is unaware of? Go to YouTube and do a search of said topic. It will provide you plenty of goof off time.

My all time favorite is Planet X. Nibiru. The Twelfth Planet. The return of the Annunaki. There is a planet in our solar system that has a 3,600 year orbit that takes it well inside the inner solar system when closest to the sun and far beyond Pluto at its farthest point of its orbit. This planet is the home of the Annunaki. (which I believe is the cover story the ‘Aliens’ from the inner earth used to bullshit our ancestors. How the hell could a planet that goes so far from the sun and then so close to it sustain life? Unlikely I say.) Once again a search engine will provide you with plenty of reading material for this subject.

Have fun feeding your brain mental junk food. It can be fun and an exercise in mental masturbation that can be very engaging.


Bunny said...

As far as the Annunaki go, I'm pretty convinced that it was those aliens that genetically manipulated whatever man-like thing was roaming this planet 100,000 years ago, and created modern humans.

Skip Google, and read Zecharia Sitchen's books. He laid the case out pretty good.

As for a planet that far from the sun supporting life:

I'm guessing you mean because it would be cold? Not necessarily so.

Unlike Earth, some planets give off more energy from themselves than they receive from the sun. In our solar system, Jupiter, Saturn, and I believe Neptune all fall into this category. So it's not that far-fetched at all.

And Planet X fits very well with Velokovsy's theories of the formation of our solar system as well. An old discarded theory that is gaining steam again with each passing year as we learn more and more about the Kuiper Belt.

Unknown said...

Ok I can accept a planet giving off enough energy on its own to sustain life.
However that planet comes very close to the sun according to all the stuff I read. Such a close pass to the sun would be damaging to the planets life forms would it not.
I mean we are talking a serious increase in heat on the planet for a time.

Bunny said...

I've never read that it itself gets so close to the sun that things like that would happen. However, it does have some effects on the Earth and other planets when it starts moving back in.

According to Sitchen, it was responsible for destabilizing the arctic ice shelf the second last time it moved close in, causing the biblical "flood."

Unknown said...

Even if it only come in as close as Mars the sun is going to add alot of heat to Nibiru that it hasn't had in 3600 years.