Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Silenced again.

So I went to Dirts blog yesterday. Read one of her hate filled screeds and it turns out I agreed with her point.
So I said as much in a post. I also mentioned in my post that I was MTF.
So my response's were deleted by Dirt.

Dirt wishes to maintain the facade that everyone who is trans hates her and always uses hate filled invective against her.
She can't have a trans 'trender' agreeing with her. No, that somehow threatens to derail her arguments. I guess.... I mean after all, we are just walking talking hate crimes on feet. If we are peaceful and nice that makes her point go by the way of the dinosaur.

Poor Dirt can't stand that we exist. She has made it her life's journey to fight against FTM transsexuality. But the thing is, she can't stop people from transition. The cat is out of the bag. Like she eagerly points out....the medical machine (that is a male thing BTW...) makes a ton of cash off of us. Next point that stands in Dirts way is the fact that she is not professionally qualified in anyway to counsel those with GID, or to argue against medical transition. No PH.D graces her wall, no certificates indicating she has become a competent member of the mental health community. She only has her own opinions and the fact that she is a woman going for her in this argument.

I find myself wondering how long will it be before one of the trans men she convinces to detransition kills himself due to gender angst?