Monday, June 28, 2010

Two videos for the price of one! ~Sevan

Hey folks! It's Monday again. My dreaded enemy. It's no secret that I'm *not* a fan of Mondays. Ah well. Such is life.

Sunda (June 27th) was National HIV testing day. To get the word out, I made a little video:

As I've gone through my transition a number of people have asked me about pronouns. I think it comes up when the image of me changes in their mind...and it no longer feels quite right in a person's mouth to say "she" in reference to me. I know that I went through that with Cyndi. Something just clicked and it no longer felt right to say "he"....though sadly there are some people in our lifes that we're not out to, so birth pronouns are still in use and it feels foul in my mouth. I digress. Here's a video about gender neutral pronouns, and how i feel about them:

The pronouns I use in the video are spelled "ze" and "hir"