Thursday, January 1, 2015

Leelah's Law

Leelah Alcorn passed away recently. She was a tormented soul who had lived through religious shame and coercion. She was denied her right to exist by her family and then cut off from her support networks.

Leelah saw no way out, which is so unfortunate. I wish she could have seen what I see in her selfie.

She was young and beautiful with so much potential. But Leelah couldn’t see that it seems. A couple years on HRT and she would have been just another girl in the crowd. But the messages of hatred and shame were far too much. Instead of hearing that she was loved, she was shamed for being different.
Her parents and the church have Leelah Alcorn’s blood on their hands.
The worst part is that there is no scriptural basis for the shame they heaped on their daughter. There is nothing in the scriptures that justify the trauma they put Leelah through.

We need to change society. We need to pass Leelah’s law. Leelah’s law would outlaw the practice of reparative therapy.
Not one more!
Please go to the following website and sign the petition to enact Leelah’s Law.

Leelah Alcorn, born Joshua Alcorn, was a 17 year old transgender teenager who killed herself on December 27, 2014. In her suicide note, she explains how her parents pulled her out of school, put her in Transgender Conversion Therapy and isolated her in an attempt to change her gender identity, and that this is what lead her to suicide.

Many mental health institutions such as American Association of Pediatrics, have talked about the dangers and ineffectiveness of conversion therapy for gender identity, and others have called upon therapists to stop using the practice all together. We ask that Transgender Conversion be banned at least for minors, as it is unnecessary, dangerous, and not the proper treatment for gender dysphoria.”