Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Now?

What Now?
{a post Pride rumination}

Pride month has come to an end. Now that we are properly into July we can take all of the last couple months in and consider what to do now…
Tranny Bingo is still a thing, the name hasn’t changed.
The entire LGBT internal war over slurs has died down until the next major offender says something stupid.
The negative things that happened to trans* women at a few PRIDE events across the nation have slid away to be forgotten.
Radfems are still rabidly anti TS women.
We have not reached a place of agreement between gay men and TS women over the use of transphobic slurs. The word war seems to have simmered to a dull mutual disdain. There are no major flame ups between the groups at this moment, but there could be a spark set it off at any time.

From the vantage point of this writers view of the world, stagnancy seems to best describe the state of the queer world.
Yes we are making gains in the courts with marriage rights being affirmed for all people, but there is not the normal atmosphere of exuberance one used to see when these judgments were handed down. Sure the various LGBTQQAI…etc/Queer organizations make a public post on FaceBook or an article on their respective webpage’s but there is no fire in the ranks.
It is a done deal; it is just a matter of time for the last of the hold outs to equality fall before the onslaught of judicial righteousness we have seen over the last few months.
Now what?
Where do we as a class turn our energies?
To what shall we turn to next?
There are many things left undone, but there seems to be little motivation left in the queer universe.
Now I am not talking about the organizers and ‘usual suspects’ in the various groups. Those people have their own needs to do the work that are always individual to the advocate and do not apply to the mass populace. I do appreciate the work of our leaders, but without people to lead we are left with skeleton crews keeping the lights on so to speak.

Perhaps the people need a break from the cause. I understand that, I really do. But as we rest on our laurels there are still some major issues in our society that directly impact people of color and trans* people that must be addressed.
We can not just sit back and enjoy the break we feel entitled to when there is still so much left to do.