Sunday, June 23, 2013

OutServe Screws Up

So OutServe canned their executive director and the entire senior staff resigns in protest over the firing.

Obviously she had the hearts of the staff and that is the most vital thing an executive director can have. Now whoever comes in will have to fight upstream for anything. The staff will resent any new ex. director and the queer community is looking on and shaking their collective heads. OutServe is in a very piss poor place right now.

This is a good time for the OutServe board members and staff that have stayed on to say 'mea culpa' and the Senior members of the board of directors need to fall on the sword so to speak and vacate their positions.

You screwed the pooch OutServe.

One comment I saw on facebook sums it up rather nicely I think: "Founders Syndrome".

Oh and one more thing OutServe: You canned a transsexual woman over personality conflict. She was doing her job and by the response of your senior staff she was doing it well.
You no longer have the good will of the trans* community.