Friday, March 8, 2013

Fair Warning: we may be in serious trouble...

Wanna know what is gonna kill the planet this time around?


According to some scientists:
The planet has a methane hydrate layer in the oceans and arctic. Something is triggering a massive world wide out-gassing of this methane at an unbelievable rate. The more it releases the more it triggers continued release. There is a positive feedback loop going on. This spells doom pretty much for certain. Methane is a rather nasty green house gas, and in the volume that the planet is releasing the stuff lately, we are headed for a rough ride.

Run a search engine on methane hydrate plus E.L.E.

First let me warn that you are going to have to slog through some conspiracy theory stuff to find the kernels of truth.

{I am not going to provide any links as there are plenty of links a simple search will pull up and besides links go bad and I shouldn't be doing your homework.}

So any comet strikes, rogue planets, nuclear M.A.D. strikes, pandemics or alien invasions are going to have to take a back seat and take a number. A real doom scenario is on us and there is likely no way out of this one.

How long?
A few years to a decade at most.

Now to the part with my prediction and commentary if this is true:
Some of you will survive in underground complexes that will resemble prisons more than arks, for generations. Some perhaps will figure out survival mechanisms on the surface. Doubtful though...
Eventually there will be a new generation that walks the face of the earth again. If they do find survivors on the surface they will attempt to wipe the surface dwellers out. The military industrial complex is setting itself up so that when things finally calm down they will be the ultimate overlords of all humanity.
They have to control everyone you understand. You are dangerous. You have a brain that can figure out the very same secrets they have and that scares them. You have the power to create super science devices that the military industrial complex wish to reserve for themselves. Think about everything you know for a second... If you wanted too, you can take the time and learn enough about ANY topic to recreate ANY technology. You are not just a walking talking emoting being of energy and light, you are also a hell of a computer that frightens the establishment.
That is why they are not telling you that there is an extinction level event going on as we speak. They literally want you dead. There are simply too many of us to effectively control and that has them pissing in their pants.

As an aside and off topic:
Some really interesting developments in the electric universe theory. Worth a look, but again you have to slog through the conspiracy theorists to get to the actual scientists who are talking about this theory.