Monday, February 11, 2013

Ru Paul my 2 centavos

This post was made in response to Monica Roberts' recent post on the show:

Ru Pauls Drag Race

I watch the show. (I know I am a bad trans woman...) There have indeed been a few times that Ru has screwed up and said the wrong thing. He has also been quick to make it clear on more than one occasion that trans and drag are not the same thing.

Also, he has cracked a few jokes at our expense that I thought were rather clever and funny. But the trans community has very thin skin and got upset at somethings I thought we shouldn't have got upset about.

Part of being human is we get a joke or two told at our expense. As long as it isn't vicious or extremely transphobic I think we should accept the jokes. It helps to mainstream us.

Back to the show:

There are 3 women (that I am aware of) who have been contestants on the show. Occasionally there is a trans woman who is on the cast. The first 2 trans women didn't come out until after their season, but Monica Beverly Hillz did come out mid season. Personally I am very happy Ru and the producers did not kick her off the show. But I am also thinking that as a woman she has an undue advantage. Yes she has a male body and must portray the 'drag queen illusion' like the other contestants, but Monica is a woman. She has that special spark that is woman. In a contest for men who are trying to portray a 'female illusion', how is it fair that a woman compete?

No easy answers to any of it.


Do I think Ru is wonderful? No. But I also do not think he is a villain, nor do I think he is actively working against our needs.

He is a man that makes his money from the drag world. He does not have to be an advocate for our needs. We got that covered.

His show is funny, and occasionally insightful and educational. And he looks fierce in a dress.